Some Ideas Minecraft Birthday Party For Children

Both kids and adults love Minecraft, no surprise that your son select a Minecraft theme for his birthday party. We have many tips to make a birthday party more fun and interesting. Thus, we are here to share some ideas for you.

You will not spend too much time to throw a Minecraft birthday party. All you need is to read this article and print out.

  1. Invitations for Minecraft birthday party

First, the Minecraft party invitations. Download free printable Minecraft birthday invitation and choose formats that you like and create your invitations.

  • JPEG Minecraft Printable Invitation: These invitations are blank and you must write your party information. You only print out and fill in the details with a marker or pen.

  • PDF Minecraft Printable Invitation: This is an easier choice for you, simply type and print out. Like the JPEG invitation, you print these free invitations and then fill your information about the party with a pen or a marker. Or if you save time and don't like to hand write your invitations, you can type your details directly into it and then sending to print.

  • Minecraft Coloring Pages: Download Minecraft Coloring Pages, insert some details about party and color them with crayons, markers and many more. Check out this link to find hundred of Minecraft coloring sheets:
  1. Minecraft Birthday Party Food And Drink

We collect many ideas for food from online; our foods are easily obtainable from the stores. Here is our menu:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Fish
  • Carrots
  • Watermelon
  • Apples
  • Raspberries
  • TNT that is made from twizzlers cut and wrapped in TNT wrappers
  • Cookies

Drinks are mini water bottles with many flavors and colors such as: green, orange and black. We design a green plastic cup and stick the creeper face on with black electrical tape on them.

  1. Minecraft Birthday Cake

You will find many designs and style for Minecraft birthday cakes. The designs from simple decorations to complex work but they are great ideas for gamer. The creativity is amazing! If you don't know how to make and bake the birthday cakes, go to the bakery, choose and buy one. Whereas, you are good at baking, make and design your own birthday cake for your child.

  1. Minecraft Party Decorating

We organize the party outside with simple style. You can put up ypur pop-up shade canopy and use lime green streamers and a Minecraft Birthday Banner to decor it.
For decorating the food table, make Minecraft sign-style signs like “Welcome to the Party!" Cover your big tables with brown and green plastic tablecloths and use square plates whenever we could.

  1. Minecraft Birthday Party Games

A birthday party is three or more hours long and you want lots of things to do, think some games / activities for guests. Here are some games that we go searching on the internet.

  • Coloring Pages: You need to prepare some printable Minecraft Coloring Pages, crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, stickers, scissors and more. Give each child a coloring sheet a supply art supplies. Let them color and finish their picture, write their name on their artworks. Then display their artworks for everyone. Coloring sheets are a nice idea for adding some fun to the party and allow the kids to express themselves creatively. If you are looking for coloring sheets, we share a website where supply hundred of Minecraft coloring pages for you:

  • Creeper Dodgeball: Buy a big green bouncy ball and then you stick a Creeper face on it. Guests will play standard dodgeball with this ball. Let guests play any way they wish so long as everyone is happy and has much fun.

  • Ghast Pinata: Make your own ghast pinata from a small cardboard box. Slit the sides and then tape them back up. Decorate it with paper like a Minecraft ghast. Hang it on the big tree in the yard and each child will get a wood sword and hit it.

A Minecraft party is a great idea for children who are the fans of Minecraft. The guests will have much fun with combination of some fun ideas about food, decorations, games and more. You will put on a party that is sure to have all your guests smiling! Have you any other ideas? If yes, please share with us.